3 College Drinking Games Everyone Should Know About


If you’re heading off to college, it’s important to know about the drinking games that will be popular on campus. These games can help you let loose and have some fun with your friends, but you need to play them safely. Here are three drinking games that every college student should know about.

The first one is a drinking card game called Ring of Fire. This drinking game is played with a set of cards, and you place them in the shape of a ring. Each player draws one card at a time, and they have to take certain actions based on what their drawn cards are. These actions include drinking liquids or performing other tasks like singing or dancing around the room.

The second drinking game is known as Quarters, which consists of players trying to bounce quarters into cups filled with drinks placed on top of each other in an upside-down pyramid structure. If you get your quarter in any cup first out of everyone playing, then whoever owns that cup has to drink all its contents.

The third one is called Flip Cup, which is a drinking game where players have to race each other in drinking their cups of liquids and flipping them over with one hand. Players are divided into at least two teams, and everyone has the same amount of time to drink the contents of their cup before they flip it over onto its backside.

These drinking games should be fun for any college student looking to get drunk while having some good times with friends. For more on drinking games for college students, check online.