3 Important Points About Trailer Tie Down Systems


A trailer tie down system is a vital part of trailer safety. If your trailer is not properly secured, it can cause you to lose control and even flip over. This article will discuss three critical points about trailer tie-down systems that every driver should know!

1) The first thing you need to do when installing a trailer tie-down system makes sure the ground surface underneath it has been cleared and graded so that there are no obstacles like rocks or stumps that could damage the system.

2) You want to measure how far obstructions are on both sides of your trailer before mounting the posts for your baseplate. This way, if one side becomes damaged, you can still secure your trailer with the other tie-down system.

3) Finally, you have to make sure that your trailer tie-down system is installed high enough, so it does not touch the ground when weight is put on it. This will keep from damaging your trailer as well as damage to the trailer tie-down system itself.

Trailer tie down systems are a great way to secure your trailer so that it will be protected from damage!