3 Reasons To Consider Heart Contact Lenses


Heart contact lenses are a great way to show your heart for what it is. They cover the heart-shaped opening in the iris and look just like a human heart. These contacts were designed by Dr. David Chang, an ophthalmologist who has been studying eye health for over thirty years.

1) They can be used as a form of cosmetic enhancement or disguise.

2) Heart contact lenses offer more freedom than traditional corrective contacts because they do not require any adjustment throughout the day.

3) Heart contact lens wearers often feel increased confidence and increased joy in their lives.

All heart contact lenses are made in the United States. They come with a full one-year warranty against defects and can be replaced for free if they become damaged, scratched, or otherwise unusable during normal wear. Heart contacts also do not require adjustments throughout the day like traditional corrective contacts because they gradually change shape to fit your eye perfectly.