3 Reasons Why Country Thunder Is Fun


Country Thunder is a country music festival in Calgary, Canada, every year on the first weekend of July. The event has been running since 2011, and it draws tens of thousands of people each year! There are many reasons why country thunder is fun- here are three important ones.

1) You can camp out for country thunder! This means you will have all the comforts of home right next to your campsite- food, showers, toilets, etc. It also means you won’t be driving back and forth from your hotel every day to get supplies like water or ice (something that can add up).

2) Country Thunder offers plenty of different stages, with live country music performances happening throughout the weekend. This means that country music fans of all ages can get their fix!

3) Country Thunder has a huge country market where you can buy all kinds of country-themed items like cowboy boots, hats, and even an occasional guitar pick.

Country Thunder is the perfect country music festival for fans of all ages. There’s something for everyone at Country Thunder with plenty of different stages and a vast country market! Make sure to check it out this year!