3 Steps To Eliminate Food Waste With Compostable Packaging


Did you know that compostable packaging is better for the environment than traditional food packaging? Did you also know this packaging can reduce food waste by up to 40%? In this article, we will discuss three steps to eliminate food waste with compostable packaging!

Create a composting program in your company or organization
Having one of these programs in place will help to increase composting and reduce food waste. If this packaging is placed in compost bins, it will be composted along with the rest of your company’s organic matter!

Create a compost bin for your employees to use
If you have an office building or multiple floors within one building, consider creating individual compost bins that are distributed across each floor. This makes composting convenient, and by spreading compost bins throughout the building, employees are reminded to compost when they use an individual compost bin.

Educate your employees on how it can be recycled
When working with compostable food packaging in homes or offices, it is crucial that everyone understands what this type of plastic can and cannot do. It needs to go into a particular composter in order for it to break down properly. By having this information available around the office or at home, individuals who want to reduce their environmental impact will know exactly where their compostable plastics should end up!

To conclude, compostable composting provides a solution to an environmental problem that has been growing for years. By composting your food waste instead of putting it in the trash, you are eliminating greenhouse gasses and reducing the amount of material going into landfills each year!