3 Tips For Choosing A Professional Triathlon Coach


Choosing a professional triathlon coach can be difficult, as there are many different coaching philosophies and approaches. This article will discuss three main points to help you choose the best professional for your needs!

1) Know what type of professional is right for you- if you prefer a one-on-one approach or group training environment, it’s crucial to find the professional that matches your preference so that your expectations are met.

2) Understand their credentials- If you want to hire a professional with an education in kinesiology or physiology, make sure they have these qualifications before signing up for any sessions.

3) Make sure they’re experienced- Be wary of professionals who don’t have much experience working with clients like you. It’s important to have a skilled and knowledgeable professional about the sport you’re planning on participating in, so always check for this qualification before hiring someone.

In conclusion, a professional triathlon coach can be a great way to improve your performance and take you from amateur athlete to professional. However, it’s crucial that you choose the right professional for yourself to meet your expectations. Before hiring anyone, make sure they have credentials in kinesiology or physiology education and experience working with clients like you.