3 Tips For Photo Restoration


Have you ever had a photo that was damaged but still wanted to preserve it? If so, photo restoration might be the solution for you! Here are three tips for it.

1. Scan your photo at high resolution – You want to make sure that when scanning your photo, you’re scanning at the highest resolution possible in order to get an accurate image of what is on the photo.

2. Use PhotoShop or other editing software – Once scanned into your computer’s hard drive, use Photoshop or another editing software to edit and restore any areas of damage on the photo using cloning techniques or selective color adjustment tools like hue/saturation filters.

3- Touch up by hand – Make sure not to overdo the restoration, as this can result in an unnaturally restored photo. A good rule of thumb is to use the cloning tool sparingly around the edges of your photo and then do any final touch-ups by hand with a paintbrush or eraser if needed.

In conclusion, photo restoration is an art, so it’s important to not go overboard with photo editing software.