3 Tips For Sending A Great Graduation Card


Graduation season is in full swing, and grads are on the hunt for a great graduation card to commemorate their big day. Whether it’s from a family member or friend, there’s always an expectation that the grad will love what they receive. But how do you find the perfect graduations cards? Follow these 3 tips, and you’ll be sure to send them something they’ll cherish forever!

1) Keep it simple: A grad wants their grad card to match the simplicity of their life right now- simple colors, clean lines, and few words.

2) Personalize it: If this grad has been close with someone who sent them a card before, then include what they already know about them in order to make this grad feel even more special.

3) Include a picture: A grad would love to receive an actual photo of someone they’ve always wanted to see again.

Once you follow these tips, sending the perfect grad card will be easy and fun! Have fun with it and enjoy yourself because graduations are supposed to bring about joy and excitement, not stress!