3 Top Public Speaker Tips


Public speaking is an important skill to have. Whether you’re giving a keynote address, giving a presentation in front of the board of directors, or delivering a speech at your son’s graduation ceremony, great speakers are great communicators who can captivate and inspire their audience. There are many great public speakers out there, but here are my top three tips for being one:

Speak with conviction and passion

When you speak with confidence and passion, your audience will feel it. Your passion is contagious, and people can’t help but get swept away by the great things you have to say.

Be prepared

As a great public speaker, being organized and well-prepared are great skills to have too! Be knowledgeable on the topic of your speech so that you’re able to answer any questions that may arise.

Be yourself

It’s great to be passionate and prepared, but if you’re not true to your personality, it will show negatively. The audience wants a great public speaker they can relate too so make sure you stay authentic!

To conclude, great public speakers are great at engaging their audience and making them feel the message in a way that will keep bringing people back for more.