3 Ways To Get Started With Virtual Desktops


Virtual desktops are virtual computers that you can use to do your work, play games, and more. They aren’t like virtual reality (VR), where you wear a headset and experience virtual worlds. They make it possible for people with limited mobility or who need to be on the go to do their job from anywhere in the world. If you want to get started with virtual desktop, here’s what you need to know!

– First, there are two main types of virtual desktops: hosted ones and desktop as a service (DaaS). Hosted ones require an IT team but provide access from any device while DaaS is cloud-based, so all you have is a browser window and a virtual workspace.

– Second, they are easy to set up and maintain as long as you have the right gear, such as thin clients or an all-in-one system that’s optimized for their use. It also requires virtualization software like VMware Horizon View plus centralized management tools so your team can support users no matter where they are.

– Finally, they provide a great way to give remote workers the same access as those at your office, and they’re especially helpful for employees who travel since it eliminates the need to carry around a laptop or other bulky device.

In conclusion, virtual desktops are great for businesses of all types and sizes!