A Guide To Your New Coffee Machine


Coffee is a workplace staple. It gets us going in the morning and helps us stay focused for hours on end. It is also one of those workplace amenities that can be contentious. For many offices, coffee machines are often underutilized or ignored altogether, despite their potential to save money and improve workplace morale!
It’s time to replace your workplace coffee machine! If you’re not sure what kind is best for your office, this guide is here to help.

1) Size: There are many different sizes available, so it’s important to think about how many people will be using the machine at one time and where it will be placed in relation to those people.
2) Brew types: Do you want a drip or pour-over? What about espresso? Most workplace coffee machines have a drip brewer, but some also come with a built-in espresso machine.

A coffee machine can be a great workplace asset. They are often inexpensive to purchase and maintain but save money over time when considering the cost of cups from cafes every day.