About Weddings In Kauai


Weddings in Kauai are all about aloha. It is an expression of love beyond the material things in life that money can buy, giving great significance to their wedding vows, which are renewed every day after marriage.

The true spirit of aloha also makes it easy to overcome any obstacles during the planning process because everyone works together as one big happy family. With family and friends eagerly offering their time and talents, Kauai weddings take on a sense of celebration that rivals anything found anywhere else in Hawaii. At your wedding, you will hear hula dancers chanting to welcome your arrival; see fire-knife dancers thrilling onlookers with their fiery dance moves; feel the soulful, traditional music deeply moving guests into singing along; share stories about ancestors and genealogies with other guests, and taste the best of Kauai’s finest foods.

Kauai wedding planners assist clients with every aspect of their special day, providing professional services for each budget. From Honolulu to Kauai Wedding Planners, Hawaii will create your dream wedding on the island of Kauai. Our goal is to ensure that both guests and hosts have fun at all times so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy this most important celebration in your life! Weddings are custom-designed to suit each couple’s personality, lifestyle, family heritage, or theme that they wish to incorporate into their ceremony, reception, and festivities.