All You Need to Know About Calgary’s Reggio Daycare


Reggio-inspired early childhood education has gained significant popularity in recent years. Reggio Daycare Calgary follows this principle, where children’s curiosity and creativity drive their learning.

Reggio-inspired environments encourage collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills among children, which is essential in personal and academic development. Children at Reggio Daycare Calgary are free to explore and learn at their own pace through play-based activities. The program emphasizes on the natural environment and the use of organic materials in classroom design.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy prioritizes the child’s well-being and values their thoughts and feelings. Educators take time to observe and document the child’s interests and initiations, which then informs how they further develop their curriculum.

Reggio Daycare Calgary provides children with a well-rounded educational experience. It supports their social-emotional development by offering a mix of structured and unstructured learning activities, including music, art, and storytelling.

A typical day at Reggio Daycare Calgary involves circle time, where children come together to share stories and songs, followed by self-directed activities. Teachers encourage children to take on projects, allowing them to learn through inquiry and discovery.

Reggio-inspired early childhood education is an effective and innovative approach to teaching. Reggio Daycare Calgary provides children with the opportunity to develop a love for learning, social-emotional development, and personal growth. If you are considering a Reggio-inspired daycare for your child, it is worth exploring Reggio Daycare Calgary.