Amazing Costume Anime That Will Transport You To Another World


Do you love anime? If so, then you’re sure to enjoy costume anime. These are anime that feature characters who wear elaborate costumes. The costumes can be based on historical clothing, or they can be entirely fictional. Costume anime often transport the viewer to a different world, and the costumes are a big part of that.

What should I know about this?
Here are some costumes that you should check out.

Kamisama Kiss is a costume anime set in modern-day Japan. The characters wear traditional Japanese clothing with a twist – magical fox masks! This costume follows the story of Nanami, a girl living with two fox spirits after being saved from an unwanted marriage proposal. With their help, Nanami learns about her new life as a human and god alike.

Another costume to explore is Revolutionary Girl Utena. This show is set in a world where everyone wears gowns reminiscent of European royalty. Utena wins her prince’s heart by wearing an old-fashioned boy’s uniform instead. She then embarks on a quest to save the world from a deceitful prince who has taken control of it. Along her journey, Utena meets many interesting characters and wears incredible costume designs in each episode.

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