Attic Fan Installation – Do It Yourself


Attic temperatures can rise to as high as 160 degrees during the summer. This affects both indoor comfort and the health of your roof. Attic fans can help lower these temperatures and provide better ventilation. The good news is that you can perform Attic Fan Installation yourself. Below are the steps to get the job done.

Ensure you have the right tools. An attic fan doesn’t come with an install template, so you’ll need to make one. If you don’t have one, trace the outline of your attic fan on a sheet of cardboard. Then, trace it onto the shingles and cut it out. If your attic fan isn’t centered, you’ll need to drill a hole in the shingles to install it. After tracing your template, place the motor and wire in place.

Be sure to secure the attic fan with screws and wires to prevent it from moving around. Using electrical tape will help you to attach the fan to the drywall. Once that’s done, you’re ready to install the attic fan!