Audiometry Baseline Testing: Gold Coast


Audiometry baseline testing Gold Coast: Audiometry baseline testing is an important part of hearing healthcare. Audiologists use these tests to monitor the health of your ears over time. Audiometric testing will help you if you are experiencing symptoms such as ringing in the ear, hearing loss, or dizziness. Audiologists at Gold Coast Audiometrics provide excellent service and are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible care!

Audiometry baseline testing is a process that Audiometrists use to determine how well an individual’s hearing can function. Audiometric tests are used to identify the type and degree of hearing loss, assess changes in hearing ability over time, manage noise exposure or ototoxic drug exposure, diagnose disorders such as acoustic neuroma and Meniere’s disease. Audiometers are devices that measure audition performance on various frequencies. Audiologists administer audiograms by asking individuals to repeat words or sentences with increasing intensity until they cannot hear them anymore. Audiograms show whether you have normal, mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss based on your threshold for what level sounds must reach before you can detect them (the lowest sound level at which you can hear the sounds). Audiologists use audiograms to diagnose hearing loss and conduct follow-up testing after treatment.