Audiometry Baseline Testing: What You Need To Know


Audiometry baseline testing Beenleigh: Audiometry baseline testing helps identify any changes in your hearing over time. It is a valuable tool for determining whether you’re experiencing a loss of hearing or if there are any other problems with your ears.

Audiometry baseline testing is an important part of hearing care. Here are three things you need to know about Audiometry baseline testing:

1. It ensures that any changes in your hearing are detected early.

2. It establishes a reference point for future tests.

3. It helps track the progress of your hearing loss over time.

Audiologists use Audiometry to test how you hear and interpret different sounds. Audiometrists can also assess how well your brain interprets the sounds and how well you can understand speech.

Audiometry is also used with other hearing tests such as Tympanometry or Acoustic Reflex Testing. Audiometrists use Audiometry baseline testing to compare and track changes over time. This can help Audiologists identify any hearing loss that isn’t immediately apparent during a standard hearing test.