Bhutan Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide


Are you thinking of doing a Bhutan road trip? If so, you’re in for a fantastic adventure! Bhutan is a beautiful country with lots to see and do. So read on and start planning your dream road trip today!

What should I know about

The first thing to consider when planning a Bhutan trip is your route. There are many scenic routes that crisscross Bhutan, and you can easily tailor your route to suit your interests. Some popular destinations include the Golden Triangle, which takes you through Bhutan’s stunning mountain landscapes, and Paro Valley, which showcases some of Bhutan’s most beautiful scenery.

Once you’ve decided on your route, it’s time to start thinking about accommodation. Bhutan has plenty of accommodations options for all budgets, from cozy guesthouses to luxury resorts. If you’re traveling on a budget, there are also plenty of campgrounds where you can set up your tent and enjoy the great outdoors!

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