Bride And Groom Thrones: 3 Ways To Transform Your Wedding Ceremony


There are many ways to make your wedding ceremony more memorable. Bride and Groom Thrones are one of the newest trends in weddings, and they can help transform your event. They can be used for a variety of purposes: some people use them as part of the ceremony while others put them on display during cocktail hour. Here we will discuss 3 different ways that Bride and Groom Thrones could be incorporated into your wedding day!

1) Throne Ceremony – If you want to incorporate thrones into your ceremony, find out if there is space at the venue for an additional feature such as this one before booking it (for example, some venues do not allow anything but flowers). They can be used as a focal point of your ceremony.

2) Throne Table – They can be used as part of the reception table display. This is a great way to incorporate them into your ceremony if you don’t want to put them on during the wedding but still want people to see how fun they are!

3) Thrones as a Guest Book – They can be used not only for the couple but the guests at their wedding. Have guests sign on them with pens (that won’t bleed through) or paint markers to make this idea fun!

In conclusion, they are fun ways to incorporate your Bride and Grooms personality into the ceremony.