Bucks party on a budget  .


Want to organize a low-cost bucks party while still having a good time and participating in various memorable bucks weekend activities? Just because it’s on a shoestring budget doesn’t imply it won’t be enjoyable. Even with usual bucks parties, there are simple ways to cut costs in half while having great excitement.

Let’s say the guys want to work with a shoestring budget for the bucks night.

Sorry, limos and stretch hummers aren’t an option; you’ll have to rely on cabs and public transportation unless you can persuade a friend or two to stay off the piss and behind the wheel. Best of luck!

 The Plan

 Start with a few beers and a barbecue at home to save money before heading out to the races. It can go either way from there—a  few clever bits, and you’re laughing.

The Highlight

The law of average says the larger the group, the better the chances of a big win. Then it’s all strippers and top-shelf whiskey for the rest of the night. Click here!