Chichen Itza: A Brief History Of The Famous Archaeological Site


Chichen Itza is a world-famous archaeological site located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This ancient Mayan city was built more than 1,000 years ago and is now a popular tourist destination. Chichen Itza is home to some of Mexico’s most impressive Maya ruins, including the Temple of Kukulkan and the El Castillo pyramid.

What should I know about Chichen Itza archaeological site?
Chichen Itza was a major center of the Maya civilization and is one of Mexico’s most visited archaeological sites. The site was built around 600 AD and served as a ceremonial center for the Maya people. Chichen Itza has abandoned around 1200 AD but has since been restored and is now open to tourists.

The site is located in a tropical climate, so be sure to dress appropriately. Second, there are many stairs at Chichen Itza, so wear comfortable shoes. And finally, remember to take plenty of water with you, as it can get very hot in the sun.

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