Creative Borders: Enhancing Your Memories


Artistic picture frames do not only serve as borders around your precious memories, it adds depth and character to your home decor. With a vast array of picture frames, ranging from simple to ornamental, there is always something unique to suit your personal style.

Whether you’re displaying a family portrait, inspirational quote or a cherished piece of art, there is a frame that can complement it perfectly. The frame you choose can even accentuate the colors within the photo itself, adding warmth or vibrancy to an image that might otherwise appear flat.

Simple frames with clean lines add a touch of modern minimalism to your photos that shows off the beauty within the picture itself. Ornate frames with intricate details create a sense of vintage charm that brings to mind a bygone era. Gallery-stylized frames arranged in patterned sequences over a feature wall create an enchanting collage-like display.

Keep in mind, the size of your photo should be relative to the size of the frame you choose. Make certain it is neither too small nor too large. While an oversized frame may seem imposing, an undersized frame can make a photo seem lost amidst a crowded room.

Investing in frames that complement your pictures and style, creates a seamless cohesion that can completely alter the look and mood of your space. Every frame tells a story, be sure to choose the perfect one for yours.