Delicious Plant-Based Tamales You Need to Try


Traditional tamales are a staple in Mexican cuisine, but have you ever heard of vegan tamales? These flavorful tamales are made with plants instead of animal products. Vegan tamales are an excellent alternative for those following a plant-based diet or looking for a tasty and healthy meal.

Instead of using lard, vegan tamales are made with coconut oil or vegetable shortening. The masa, or corn dough, is filled with delicious veggies like roasted poblano peppers, mushrooms, and spinach, making them a great source of fiber. You can also add plant-based protein like jackfruit, tofu, or beans for an extra boost.

Making vegan tamales at home might seem challenging, but it’s actually quite simple. Buy pre-made corn husks, or use fresh ones from your local market. Then, mix all the ingredients together and spread the masa on the husks. Add the filling, wrap the tamales, and steam them for about an hour.

Vegan tamales are perfect for any occasion, from a casual dinner with family to a fancy celebration. They are also a great make-ahead meal that you can refrigerate or freeze for later. Serve them with your favorite salsa or guacamole, and enjoy a satisfying and healthy meal that everyone will love.

So, don’t be afraid to try something new. Vegan tamales are a delicious and nutritious way to switch up your menu. Give it a try and enjoy plant-based goodness in every bite.