Discover The Benefits Of Occupational Therapy In Kalgoorlie, WA


Did you know that occupational therapy can help improve your quality of life? If you’re living in Kalgoorlie, WA, this form of treatment is worth considering. Occupational therapists can help people of all ages and backgrounds overcome various challenges.

What should I know about occupational therapy Kalgoorlie WA?
Therapists work with people to maximize their ability to participate in activities that are meaningful and important to them. They use various tools and techniques to improve mobility, strength, and coordination, such as occupational assessments, job training, behavioral interventions, and adaptive equipment. Occupational therapy also helps individuals develop strategies for daily living tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and money management.

In Kalgoorlie, therapists provide treatment for many conditions, including stroke rehabilitation; developmental disabilities; traumatic brain injuries; orthopedic problems; arthritis; chronic illnesses; learning difficulties; psychiatric disorders; autism spectrum disorder (ASD); and occupational injuries. Therapists also provide services to older adults to help them maintain independence and quality of life.

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