Dive Mask Strap Cover: 3 Easy Steps To A Secure Fit


Diving is a great sport that people of all ages can enjoy. If you are looking for an activity to take your family on, diving could be a perfect choice! However, many divers face one issue is their dive mask strap cover slipping off during the dive. This article will provide three easy steps to ensure a secure fit with your dive mask strap cover from now on!

1) Fit it correctly – The first step in getting a tight and secure dive mask strap cover is making sure that you have fitted it correctly. To do this, simply look at the strap cover and make sure there is no more than 1 cm of slack between where it meets your mask strap and where it clips onto the other end. This ensures that the dive mask strap cover will stay in place while providing a tight fit so that you can enjoy your dive!

2) Clip it in place – The next step is to clip the dive mask strap cover into place. This can be done easily by looking at the two clips on either end and ensuring they are correctly aligned before clipping them together.

3) Adjust and go! – Finally, you’ll want to adjust the dive mask strap cover so that it’s comfortable and fits snugly against your skin. This can be done by adjusting the strap cover up or down until it’s in the right spot.

Now that you know how to fit a dive mask strap cover, you’re ready to dive in!