3 Things You Must Know About Evaporative Air Conditioners


An evaporative air conditioner is a lot different from the other types of cooling systems you might have heard of. There are three things that evaporative air conditioning service providers want you to know about evaporative air conditioners, so they can help you make an informed decision on which system to invest in for your home.

The first thing they want you to know is that evaporative don’t use any water at all (unlike swamp coolers). This means no worries about freezing pipes or overflowing gutters when it’s cold outside!

The second thing they want you to know is that evaporates are quieter than traditional AC units, and finally, evaporates won’t cost more than $5 per month in electricity costs. That’s a pretty small price to pay for cool air!

Lastly, evaporative air conditioners are good for the environment because they don’t use any chemicals or evaporate water.

In conclusion, evaporative air conditioning is a great alternative to swamp coolers and traditional evaporative services!