Exciting Opportunities for Working Abroad: Camp Counsellor Jobs


Thinking of working abroad during your summer break? How about summer camp jobs abroad as a camp counsellor? It’s a unique experience that can offer so much more than just an extra paycheck.

As a camp counsellor, you can gain valuable skills that will look great on your resume. Working with children teaches patience, communication, and leadership skills. It can also provide a great opportunity to learn another language, as many camps are located in non-English speaking countries.

To qualify for a camp counsellor position, you usually must be over 18 years old and have at least some experience working with children. Some camps may require certifications such as CPR or lifeguard training.

Positions can vary from teaching skill-based activities like archery or horseback riding to leading team-building exercises. Most positions require you to live on-site for the duration of the camp, so be prepared for communal living and long hours.

Summer camp jobs abroad offer a chance to experience other cultures, gain valuable skills, and form lifelong friendships. It’s an opportunity you won’t regret.