Expert Witness For Internet Applications



An Internet applications expert witness is someone who has extensive knowledge of Internet applications and can give testimony in court. There are many reasons why you may need one. For instance, if your company is accused of hacking or stealing trade secrets from another company, the court will require a professional with expertise in these areas to evaluate the evidence before making a decision about whether or not it should be pursued further. They are also useful when dealing with intellectual property rights infringement claims, wire fraud cases involving Internet companies, and more.

Internet applications expert witness is a person who evaluates Internet-related technologies to determine the feasibility, accuracy, and efficiency of their use. Internet applications are software programs that run on one or more computers connected together in a network. These programs include web browsers, email clients, media player programs, and operating systems. Internet application experts help attorneys evaluate Internet evidence from these types of Internet applications for litigation proceedings including intellectual property disputes, patent infringement cases, and employment discrimination lawsuits.