Expert Witness Network Architecture


Expert witness network architecture: The expert witness is one of the most important roles in a court case. They are called to testify about their opinion on an issue. They must be unbiased when giving their testimony. Expert witnesses are not always lawyers or doctors; sometimes, they are network architects.

The expert needs to understand the technology that may have been involved with an incident. For example, if a company is being sued for patent infringement, it would be important for the expert witness to know how the patents were allegedly violated.
– The expert needs to know how information can travel around networks
– Expert network architectures need to design networks that aren’t vulnerable to attack. This could include designing firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and other defensive measures.
– It is important for expert network architecture to understand how people can be attacked online. Hence, they know what types of security techniques need to be implemented to prevent this.

Expert witnesses should also have a deep understanding of current vulnerabilities in various networks to be prepared to testify in a case involving one of these vulnerabilities.