Flavored Whole Bean Coffee


If you love the taste of plain coffee but want to add something new to it, flavored whole bean coffee may be for you. These coffees are often made with various flavors, such as hazelnut, caramel, pumpkin, peppermint, and rum. These types of coffees are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and are great options for people who want a treat without spending much money. To make flavored coffee at home, you must make your blend by soaking the beans in flavors like chocolate, hazelnut, and rum.

You can use flavored syrup or mix your own with your spices and herbs. However, you should store your coffee in an airtight container and keep it in the dark place to avoid flavor evaporation. The longer you store the coffee, the better the flavor. Cinnamon sticks, peppermint, and vanilla are the most common spices used in making flavored coffee. There are also several seeds, such as peppermint and sunflower seeds. To add an extra kick, you can also add oil or syrup.