Frisbee Golf: The Sport Of Your Wildest Dreams!


Frisbee golf is a sport that has been around for decades. Frisbees are often tossed around at picnics, schools, and campsites. It’s fun, it’s free-spirited, and anyone can play it with a Frisbee! It is the more organized version of this game where people compete to see who can throw their Frisbees into cups in as few throws as possible.

Frisbees are thrown from a tee area to a Frisbee golf basket. Shots that clank off the rim or miss entirely still count as a throw, so players have multiple opportunities per hole to improve their score.

What makes this sport unique?

It is a sport that anyone can play! Frisbees are easy to find, and Frisbee baskets can be set up in parks, backyards, beaches, and anywhere else you like. Frisbees range from $15-$20 depending on the type of Frisbee purchased.
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