Funny Tee Shirt Slogans: The Best Ones To Wear


Do you want to make a statement with your clothing? If so, then funny tee shirt slogans are the way to go! These shirts are sure to get a reaction from those around you and are a great conversation starter. This article will discuss some of the best slogans you can wear.

“I’m not lazy; I’m on energy saving mode.”

“I’m not short; I’m fun size.”

“I’m not old; I’m vintage.”

“I’m not fat; I’m just easier to see.”

“I’m not single; I’m in a long-term relationship with Netflix.”

These are just a few funny slogans you can wear. If you want to purchase one of these shirts, we recommend checking out Amazon or Etsy. Both of these websites have a wide selection of funny tee shirts to choose from. The best part is the price; you can find a shirt for under $20. So, next time you’re looking for a new shirt to wear, consider one with a funny slogan. You’ll be sure to get a few laughs. Thanks for reading!

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