George Friedman: The Man, The Myth, The Legend


There is no George Friedman. Only the many George Friedmans are as unique as snowflakes and united by a single force: history. It’s impossible to boil down the life of such a complex man into just a few paragraphs, but we’ll try. Friedman was born in Hungary in 1933 and experienced firsthand the horrors of World War II. This would shape his thinking for the rest of his life. After immigrating to America, he became one of our time’s most renowned geopolitical thinkers.

He founded Stratfor, one of the most respected global intelligence firms, and wrote extensively about international affairs. To say that George Friedman is controversial is an understatement – his ideas have been praised and condemned in equal measure – but there is no doubt that he had a profound understanding of our world. He was an iconoclast and a champion of freedom, and his legacy will continue to shape our understanding of geopolitics for years to come. Thank you, George Friedman – your courage and insight have changed the way we think about the world.