Getting the best strippers


You might think that hiring a stripper for your party is the easy part. You think you can just hand over money and let her get on with it, right? Maybe not so fast! Hiring a stripper can be tricky, especially if she has chosen to show up at your event dressed in an outfit that makes her look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Or perhaps she’s got those kinds of clothes but also wants to bring along some friends who are also entertainers and have taken the time to learn some basic moves—like pole dancing.

And then there’s the whole etiquette thing: What if you don’t want her pole-dancing for hours on end just because she doesn’t feel like dancing at all? Or maybe she just wants to keep posing around all night so that people will ask where they can find similar services elsewhere other than at your party (which could be awkward).

The point is: When hiring strippers for any kind of entertainment, it’s important to know what kind of performer or entertainer you’re getting involved with and how best to work with them throughout their stay. Click here for more.