Help him Create Visual Imagination when Sexting


If you’re like many of us, you’re just starting in a relationship or dating and want to spice things up a little; subtle is the name of the game.

When hot sexting a guy, play innocent and your sexting partner will be thrown off balance soon enough (this is one of the best sexting strategies). Men adore the image of a sweet little getting into mischief.

It’s in your favor if the guys are visual. As you move away, they all glance at your backside, nearly without exception. It’s what they’re good at. So could you encourage them to do so?

Make them imagine you doing anything that might be interpreted as either harmless or sexy.

When he texts and asks what you’re doing, tell him you’ve just gotten out of a nice bubble bath or are getting ready to go to the beach. Both are visual creators.

  • Visual creators are perfect for any hot sexting to take place. Learn how it’s done