Ho Chi Minh-Indian Restaurant: The Dream That Never Came True


The dream never came true in Indian Restaurant Ho Chi Minh, a small Indian restaurant in Vietnam. Indian food is rarely eaten by locals and people from other parts of Asia. The owner was determined to make Indian cuisine famous, but he couldn’t succeed. In this article, we will discuss why Indian food has not been successful in Vietnamese culture and what can be done to change that.

What should I know about this?

The Restaurant Ho Chi Minh was first opened in 1994. It’s located at Pho Duc Chinh, a famous street for Indian cuisine in Hanoi. The restaurant is owned by Mr. Jay Kumar, who hails from India but has lived and worked as an engineer and businessman here in Vietnam since 1992. He started with nothing; no one knew about Indian food or even Indian people living around these parts! The business had humble beginnings indeed; he only hired himself to help with marketing, cooking meals, waiting tables; he did everything! But his hard work paid off because now there are three restaurants under his name that serve Indian dishes alongside other Asian cuisines like Vietnamese pho (soup).

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