Houseboats In Kashmir: An Informative Article


If you are looking for an interesting and exotic travel destination, consider houseboats in Kashmir. Situated in the Himalayan Mountains, Kashmir is a picturesque region with stunning landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. What’s more, houseboating is a popular way to explore this beautiful area.

What should I know about this?

Here are some things to know about houseboats in Kashmir:
– Houseboats originated in Kashmir during the 19th century when British soldiers stationed in the region began using them as floating accommodation.
– Today, houseboats are a popular tourist attraction, with many visitors coming to stay on them while they explore Kashmir’s lakes and rivers.
– Houseboats vary in size and amenities, but most have at least one bedroom, a sitting room, and a small kitchen.
– To maintain their traditional appearance, houseboats are decorated with intricate wood carvings and often have brightly colored exteriors.
– If you’re thinking of staying on a houseboat during your next trip to Kashmir, be sure to read this informative article first!

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