How To Become A Private Security Guard


Many private security guard jobs are available for those who wish to find work in the private sector. These guards are hired by private organizations, such as banks and businesses to protect against potential criminal activity. Private guards often patrol an area or building that is unoccupied at night or during the day when no one is present.

How to Become a Guard?

The first step to becoming a guard is choosing which type of guard you want to be: armed or unarmed. Armed guards carry firearms, while unarmed guards do not carry weapons other than pepper spray and batons. Some security jobs require applicants to be at least 21 years old, while other private firms only hire guards who are 18.- private security guard training is available online or in-person.
– this includes unarmed and armed security officer courses for both professionals and newcomers interested in the field of private protection services

After choosing whether you want an armed or unarmed position, the next step is completing your education requirements, if applicable. Private companies usually choose employees with post-high school education, such as college degrees in criminal justice, law enforcement, or business management.
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