Find The Best LA Food Photographer


If you’re looking for the best food photographer in Los Angeles, consider hiring a professional photographer with an eye for color and light. Food photographers in LA are not limited to the food you see in restaurants; they can also be freelancers. Alicia Cho, a self-taught freelance food photographer, operates Alicia Cho Photography. Although her educational background is in finance, her interest in food and storytelling has shaped her career. Additionally, she has five years of experience in film and TV production, including working on shows like 90210 and The Office. She has built a professional portfolio with companies like Blue Bottle Coffee.

Another Best LA Food Photographer is Dana Hursey. Her signature style is clean and simple, showcasing seasonal and ethically sourced ingredients. She also shoots food for editorial and commercial clients. She uses natural soft focus lighting to bring out the best in foods, which isn’t always easy to capture. However, clients trust her to capture the best possible imagery, whether it’s for a cookbook, recipe book, or marketing campaign.