How To Make A Paperclip Necklace: 3 Steps


Do you want to make paperclip necklaces? It’s a fun craft that is perfect for summer! In this article, I will show you how to make paperclip necklaces. You’ll need paperclips, wire cutters/pliers, and a jewelry chain or cord. You can also use beads in the paper clips if you want some extra flair!

Step 1: Gather your supplies- paper clips of all shapes and sizes, wire cutters/pliers, jewelry chain or cord (optional), beads (optional). You could even make a paperclip necklace gold by painting the paper clip in gold.

Step 2: Cut your paper clips, so they are about 3 inches long with the pliers. Add any decorative touches like beads at this point too.

Step 3: Attach the paper clips to the jewelry chain or cord using the wire cutters/pliers. Twist them around a few times, so they are secure. And you’re done! Your paperclip necklace is ready to wear!

In conclusion, paperclip necklaces are a fun, easy way to add some personality and gold to your outfit. They can be made in any color or style, so get creative! Have fun with it!