How To Use A 2D Barcode Scanner: 3 Versatile Tips


    A 2D barcode scanner is a device that lets you scan 2-dimensional codes and automatically pulls up the relevant information on your screen. It’s an easy way to access information about products, services, and more with just a quick swipe of the code! Here are three ways to use this technology for your business:

    As Promotional Tools

    This is one of the most common uses for barcodes in business today, especially among online retailers who want to stay competitive. These barcodes are the next best thing to giving customers a free gift. 2D barcode stickers can be put on items in your store or business, then customers simply scan them with their 2D scanner and get that item for less!

    As Business Cards

    You’re busy running around all day, so it’s easy not to keep these scanners on hand for when you need them. They help to solve this problem by allowing you to use any of your 2D barcoding devices as a business card! Just scan the 2D code and save that contact information on your phone or computer, then get back to work knowing that all of your customers now have these scanners.

    Contact Information

    Signs are an easy way to remind customers of your 2D barcoding system, but they’re also a good solution for less than savory advertising purposes. Barcodes carrying contact information can be put on signs that you post all over town, and can also be hidden in places you don’t want to advertise.

    To conclude, 2D barcodes are an easy way to start a barcoding system and are versatile enough to be used in many ways. These barcodes can also help you save money by taking pictures instead of printing out labels for your products.