How To Use Tupperware Bottles


Tupperware bottle is an innovative and sustainable way to store food. Tupperware products have been in use since 1947 when Tupper began creating Tupperware containers for commercial use. Tupperware’s original intention was to provide a more sanitary option than the standard metal canisters of the era. It wasn’t until 1956 that Tupperware started selling their products at home parties, which is where they became popularized as “the container people.”

What should I know about this?

Today, Tupperware has an extensive line of kitchen and food storage solutions, including refrigerator dishes, freezer bowls and trays, microwave steamers (for vegetables), and even ice cream makers!
Tupperware canisters are great for storing dry foods. Tupperware-divided containers keep both wet and dry ingredients, especially in the refrigerator where odors don’t easily mix between different types of food. Tupperware’s wide-mouthed jars come with snap-on lids that make them excellent choices for storage of everything from flour to cereal to sugar or snacks like nuts or candy!

Bottles also have extensive product options, including water bottles, sports bottles (both flexible and rigid), coffee tumblers, drink dispensers/pitchers, travel mugs/thermos’, juice pitchers, fruit infusers.

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