Introducing Aerial Yoga Therapy: 3 Reasons To Do It


    Aerial yoga has been around for a while, but aerial yoga therapy is still relatively new. It’s a unique practice that can offer many benefits to people who are looking for an alternative form of physical activity. In this article, we’ll discuss aerial yoga therapy and give you three tips on how you can use it in your life!

    Build Upper-Body Strength

    The first thing to know about aerial yoga therapy is that the aerial hammock and aerial silks provide suspension, which allows us to suspend our body weight in ways we may not do on the ground. This is beneficial because it will enable us to build our upper body strength and gives aerial yoga therapy practitioners, like aerialists, the ability to perform incredible feats of flexibility.

    It can be used at home.

    All you need are a few things like an aerial hammock or pair of aerial silks, a door, and some free space. You can buy aerial yoga therapy equipment online for an affordable price because aerial hammocks are incredibly lightweight (about one pound), so you don’t need to worry about having enough counter or wall space at home.

    You’ll have fun doing it!

    Aerial Yoga Therapy is always a great exercise because it is a type of workout that targets your entire body. The aerial silk equipment used in aerial hammocks is designed to strengthen and tone the arms, legs, back, chest muscles, and other parts of the body.

    To conclude, it’s always fun to do aerial yoga therapy because you’ll be able to explore your body’s capabilities since aerial silk equipment is really challenging.