Keeping Your Septic System in Check


Maintaining a septic tank is vital for proper functioning of the wastewater system. A septic tank monitor helps homeowners keep track of their septic systems.

A septic tank monitor is an electronic device that tracks and records the level of water in the tank. The monitor sends signals to a receiver installed in the house, indicating if the septic tank is filling up too quickly. It also warns of any potential problems, such as an overflowing tank or a malfunctioning drain field.

Homeowners can reduce their repair costs by installing a septic tank monitor. Early detection of problems can prevent costly damage to the septic system and avoid the dreaded backup into the home. Regular maintenance of the septic system, in addition to monitoring, is key to avoiding problems.

Routine maintenance includes having the septic tank pumped at least once every three to five years. It is important to use water efficiently and avoid flushing unnecessary items such as wipes, feminine products, and harsh chemicals.

Be aware of the signs that indicate a septic system issue. These signs may include slow draining fixtures or sinks, standing water, and bad odors near the drain field.

A septic tank monitor installed in the home can help homeowners keep their septic systems in check. Although the device can’t solve all the problems, it can alert homeowners of potential issues, giving them a chance to fix them before it’s too late. Proper maintenance and attention is necessary to protect both the septic system and the environment.