Learn The Basics With Tole Painting Classes


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint on a canvas, tole painting classes are a great place to start. While tole painting isn’t for the faint of heart, there’s no need to worry: these classes are fun and teach you the foundational skills you’ll need to be successful. You’ll have two fifteen-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break in each tole painting class. While you’re there, you can also fill up pages of your personal art journal.

If you’ve always admired the work of master tole painters, but have never attempted it yourself, tole painting classes are the perfect way to learn the basics. Tole painting is simple and straightforward: you trace the outline of your design onto the painting surface and then use basic brushstrokes to apply the colors. The most basic brushstrokes are the foundation of tole painting, and the instructors will teach you these basics and more. Taking a tole painting class will also teach you how to prepare surfaces and finish projects.