Middle School Students Need A Rewarding System For Good Behavior


A reward system for middle school students is probably not something you think about often. You may have heard of reward systems in the workplace, but how do they apply to your life? This system can be simple as earning points for good behavior and redeeming them for rewards like food or trips to the movies with friends. These systems are vital for students who need the motivation to behave well to succeed academically.

What should I know about this?

There are a few different systems that can be used in middle schools. The most common system is a point system. Students earn points for good behavior and lose points for bad behavior. Points can be redeemed for rewards like privileges, food, or toys. Another type of system is a token economy. Students earn tokens for good behavior and lose tickets for bad behavior in this system. Tokens can be redeemed for privileges or goods like candy or video games. The third type of system is known as a contract system. In this system, both the student and teacher agree on specific goals that the student will work to achieve. If the student meets these goals, they are rewarded with extra recess time.

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