Non-Profit Legal Services Colorado: An Introduction


    Non-profit legal services colorado: Nonprofit legal services in Colorado have been around for a long time. Nonprofits have been providing free or low-cost legal services since the 19th century. The nonprofit legal service movement began in 1900 with lawyers who agreed to provide pro bono work to those unable to afford it. Since that time, nonprofits have grown and diversified into many different practice areas, including family law, bankruptcy law, immigration law, and more. Today, over 1,000 nongains throughout the United States provide free or low-cost civil legal assistance and representation before state agencies and administrative bodies such as child support enforcement programs or public housing authorities.
    The nonprofit legal services company is located in Denver, CO. It provides free consultations to all nonprofits who need its help.
    Nonprofit law firms cannot always represent their clients because they do not have the needed expertise for certain cases or problems. They often don’t have the resources like time, money, staff size, etc…to take on certain cases.