Nurse Call Systems: What Is It Exactly?


Nurse call systems are often used for multiple purposes in the medical field, but what exactly? They can be broken down into two types: paging and nurse call. Paging systems allow patients to page the staff. At the same time, involves a staff member pushing a button to alert other staff members of their location. They also provide information on who has triggered the alarm so that nurses know where they need to go when an emergency arises.

– They are typically found in hospitals or nursing homes
– The benefits include increased efficiency and safety
– When selecting your one, make sure you choose one that suits your needs and your facility

Nurse Call Systems also provide information on who is making the call, e.g., Nurse or Resident. They are a relatively new technology that has become extremely popular in hospitals. They have many benefits, including the ability to notify nurses of emergencies and help them respond quickly. They can also reduce hospital liability by reducing the number of accidents caused by patient falls.