Order a Home Test kit today


If you don’t want to spend so much money on STI testing, then the home test kit might be your best bet. The GP option may be out your budget. But with this option, you can get expert opinion on treatment and how to get tested.

Ordering a home test kit for STI/STD is as simple as going online and looking for reputable online vendors in Australia. You need to do your research because there so many scammers online. Look for reviews and ask critical questions so you can get the right at-home kit for STI/STD.

Without a private insurance, you will be paying out of pocket. You may even have to wait for your appointment at some later date. As if that is not enough, the testing may not be comprehensive. That is if you decide to go to a testing center or hospital.

You can order a home test kit today and get tested as soon as possible.