Outdoor Balcony Planters: 3 Materials


Outdoor balcony planters are a great way to add outdoor living space to an outdoor area that may not have much or any. You can use outdoor balcony planters for vegetables and herbs, flowers and plants, even fruit trees! They’re also a great way to change the ambiance of your outdoor area with just a few changes in color palettes. In this article, we will discuss three materials that you can use when building outdoor balconies:

Clay pots

These are outdoor balcony planters that are made of fired clay. They come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and shapes, perfect for outdoor balconies. The best part about these pots is they help to retain moisture.

Wooden crates

These outdoor planters are great because you can pick them up at most any hardware. They are very versatile outdoor balconies that can be used for various plants, such as climbing vines.

Wicker outdoor planters

These outdoor balcony planters are made of rattan cane weave on wicker frames, giving them more strength than the other two materials. Additionally, they are waterproof.

To conclude, outdoor balconies are a great way to add some outdoor patio planters that can be used for different purposes indoors or outdoors. They come in three materials, wicker, wooden crates, and clay, which work well with any outdoor design.